Sunday, 24 March 2013

I'm still

After 3 * 21 hours of university and countless hours of readings, I'm still surviving, and in fact I think I am starting to enjoy uni a little. :) I love the utterly conducive study environment in our libraries, I love my coffee sessions with Fel every Wednesday & Friday where we get to spend quality time together, gossiping, talking rubbish, sharing hearts or even sometimes just being silent and enjoy our coffee. I also love going to lectures with all my Trinity friends, because it just feel so good to sit with people that you know and learn together, rather than some strangers who can't seem to stop shaking their legs.

I guess uni is good in a way that it teaches me to manage my time better. But then it may also be a bad thing because time management and discipline is never my forte (trying very hard) :( But nevertheless, there's one thing that I'm certain of: going to uni has definitely made me appreciate all the friends that I met in Trinity even more. <3
And of course, Els, who never fail to love and support me :)

So I said, I'm still me and nothing can defeat me. It's true. I'm still as obsessed with rings as I used to be. This is my current favorite from Lovisa.

And also, I never stop exploring new cafe. Els and I went to Errol's for a quick lunch. It was a lazy saturday afternoon and we were seeking for some comfort food to fill our stomach.

These are what we had:

Errol's Cafe
Chicken Pide, AUD 19
Just your usual chicken tenderloin sandwich, but then the greens are so fresh, the tenderloins are so juicy, the bread was so crispy and the chips were fried to perfection. Really there's nothing to complain about this. Lil pricey for a sandwich maybe but it's definitely worth it! :)

Errol's Cafe
Lasagne, AUD 15
Els' lasagne. The Bolognese sauce isn't too tomatoish, neither is it too meaty. He was pretty satisfied with it I guess :)

Errol's Cafe
Raspberry Lemonade, AUD4.50
Talk about comfort food (drink), nothing beats this! It's also one of my favorite drinks besides coffee :)

Errol's on Urbanspoon

For dinner we decided to have something different from what we usually had, so Els bought croissants, smoked salmon, champagne ham, king island cheddar, avocado and my favorite mix salad from Woollies and this is what we had for dinner:
Errol's Cafe
Errol's Cafe
It was superb. All I did was to toast the Croissant, shave the cheddar, plate the rest on a new chopping board that we got from Ikea, and everything just go perfect together with some thousand island dressing.

What do you reckon? What are your thoughts and what is your favourite kind of comfort food? x


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